For the Electronics industry, company provides global expertise in our customers’ supply chain challenges including:

  • An international network that provides quick and cost-effective transport between production sites and consumers, whatever the distance.
  • Multi-party platforms to plan and collaborate with your supply chain, and increase the flow of materials and products.
  • Long-established solutions in place with world’s leading electronics companies
  • Globally integrated and ever-evolving solutions that extend from suppliers and contract manufacturers to customer markets

Furthermore, we also have experience with:

  • Managing VMI hubs for OEMs close to manufacturing sites for JIT replenishment.
  • Reverse logistics operations, including returns management, product diagnostics and light repairs, fulfillment of replacement orders, etc.

Combine all of the above with our value-added services, such as repairs or labeling, and you’ll see that we can meet all your supply chain management needs.