Point Of Sale

Point of Sale Logistics

Good sales promotion needs high-quality placement tools at the POS / POI / POP. The creation and acquisition is one side. But, who then cares for the entire handling? Also, this issue arises in the small-scale logistics for advertising and POS material. In our highly modern central warehouse, we are always happy to free up a few pallet spaces or shelves for your project.

Sales Promotion Tools

Specially trained and technically savvy merchandisers take care of your placement elements regarding

  • Logistics
  • Storage
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance, repair
  • Shipping
  • Inventory management

We are happy to relieve you of this time-consuming detail work, up to and including the coordination of specialist companies (electrical, cooling technology, painters, production).
This saves you a lot of time for your day-to-day business.


We relieve you of the time-consuming tasks. We quickly and reliably pack individualised consignments and then send them as letters, parcels or pallets for you. We have the ideal set-up for

  • Marketing and seasonal campaings
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Customer information
  • Sample shipment
  • Smaller e-commerce projects

Advertising and POS Material Store

Advertising materials are an essential part of successful business. The access for sales representatives, office staff and also customers should be possible without any problems.
With our POS logistics portal and the warehouse management system behind it, we ensure the following for your advertising material

  • The convenient retrieval of articles just like in an online shop
  • Packing and dispatch from our central warehouse
  • Delivery by courier / freight forwarder
  • The exact cost center posting
  • And inventory management in real time.

Additionally we are also happy to take care of the procurement or post-production of the advertising material for you.