It’s where automation spells efficiency.

Technology boosts quality, productivity and visibility at every stage of the process.

        1. Best-in-class origin port container consolidation. Take advantage of this highly cost-effective freight service.
        2. Direct from port to your customers’ distribution centres. Dealing direct, if required, improves communication and saves time.
        3. You’re always in the picture, end-to-end. Real-time stock visibility with 24/7/365 track and trace.
        4. We’ve been supplying ‘retail-ready’ solutions for 25 years. Boxed and hanging. Pick and pack. Stock control. Labelling. Just ask.



Location :

Global Intelligent Logistics (UK) Ltd Global Intelligent Logistics (UK) Ltd, 2 Waterside Court, Galleon Boulevard, Dartford, Kent, DA2 6NX United Kingdom.

Compliance :

ISO9001:2008, FTZ, TS16949:2002, FDA Regulation

Dimension :

Length 250 M, Width 80 M, 12 Meter

Roof slope :

1 : 10

Crane System :


Many of our facilities are ideally situated close to key ocean ports for major shipping routes, allowing faster throughput of your cargo. We offer various services depending on where your cargo come – we can straight transload, or building consignments direct to distribution centre.

Finally, we will combine our warehousing with our transportation forms: inland transportation – road, rail, sea freight and air freight to help your cargo to flow smoothly.

What we can do for you :

1. Customize according to needs

We can customize our service according to the amount of goods you want to store.

2. Reduce your costs

You will not have to invest to build and operate a private warehouse

3. Shorten your cycle time

Shorten your cycle time is the benefit warehousing service bring for businesses.

4.Increase operation efficiency

Warehousing service help reduce cost & save you time

What we can do for you :

  • Short-term storage solution
  • Sharing warehouse solution
  • Self-managed warehouse leasing solution